Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Truest statement of the week

As happens every couple of years, the erstwhile first daughter re-injects herself into the public eye, only to perseverate about what to do with her life.
Now, as she conducts a joint book tour with her mother — who, quixotic and stubborn and tone-deaf as ever, continues to tease a 2020 run — the duo have sat for interviews with no shortage of outlets, with Chelsea granting her lone solo profile to New York Magazine, long sympathetic to the Clinton machine.
Chelsea, the piece solemnly declares, is “trying to figure out what her own life looks like.”
In February, Chelsea Clinton will turn 40 years old. Hamlet had a less dramatic existential crisis.
Please, please, please: Can it stop? Why does the media continue not just to cover but to coronate a woman who has contributed nothing to public life, has accomplished nothing, and who, by her own admission, has never felt truly motivated to do anything?

-- Maureen Callahan, "New York Magazine piece further exposes Chelsea Clinton’s lack of awareness" (NEW YORK POST).

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