Monday, November 18, 2019

Some Tweets from the Green Party

  • Required listening! 🎧

  • Say NO to US Regime Change Ops in Latin America Mexico, 1914 Guatemala, 1954 Cuba, 1961 Brazil, 1964 Dominican Republic, 1965 Argentina, Chile, 70s Nicaragua, 80s Grenada, 1983 Panama, 1989 Haiti, 1994 Venezuela, 2002 Honduras, 2009 Nicaragua, 2018 Venezuela, 2019 Bolivia, 2019
  • What we need to have fair elections: ✔️ranked choice voting in all the general elections ✔️federal holidays for voting ✔️move voting to the summer ✔️continue and expand early voting ✔️eliminate unfair ballot access laws ✔️proportional representation ✔️paper ballots/vote audits
  • I should note that the attempted arrest of (& false accusation she assaulted Congresswoman ) came just moments after interrupted a press conference held by Venezuelan coup official on capitol grounds
  • UPDATE: police tried to detain without a warrant & opted not to proceed with arrest after reviewing footage of the alleged incident We see once again how local DC police are colliding w & right-wing Venezuelan putchists in order to crush dissent
  • Police in the video say Medea "assaulted a member of Congress", when SHE was the one assaulted by right-wing, pro-coup thugs. This is a crude jam-up against one of our most courageous living global peace activists even as yet ANOTHER nation in Latin America endures a coup.

  • Today, a new McCarthyism has established itself in the public discourse, whereby anyone who questions the mainstream political establishment must be "working with the Russians" – or perhaps even "Putin's puppet."
  • . expresses outrage at Sunday’s coup against Bolivian President Evo Morales.
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