Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Ty's Corner


So there I was, all prepared to read a few e-mails and respond, maybe spend some time pursuing "wrestler boners" on GOOGLE IMAGES -- always good for many laughs but, every now and then, also offering a certain erotic charm.  But I got stumped by an e-mail from a guy named Joseph which asked, "What am I not watching?"

I replied to him but haven't heard back and it's been two days.

Was he e-mailing to start a game?  "Guess what shows I'm not watching?"  If so, (a) would I be able to successfully guess the non-watched and (b) if I did so, what prize would I win.  Oh, and (c), would I have to pay taxes on the prize?

As I puzzled over it, I wondered, what if he was asking for tips?  Like what show should he be watching that he's not?

Rebecca and Stan (and Ava and C.I.) would recommend ANIMAL KINGDOM which wraps up the current season next Tuesday on TNT.

Is that what Joseph meant?

Or maybe he meant what is out there, streaming wise, that he's not watching but could be?

As Jim points out in his latest "Jim's World," if you like COMEDY CENTRAL, you can stream it on PLUTO -- a free streaming service -- stream it live.  PLUTO also has movies (from PARAMOUNT) and classic sitcoms and news and information programs . . .

Another free service is TUBI.  It's on-demand.  Their catalogue is updated from time to time.  I tend to grab the classic films when I visit.  Bob Hope's MY FAVORITE BRUNETTE is something I watch there.  (Yes, it's a public domain film and you can also find it on YOUTUBE.)  And CRACKLE is still Sony's free channel.  It's where Jerry Seinfeld's car show started and where it will probably return when NETFLIX goes under.

I asked Ava and C.I. if I was missing anything and they said I could pass on that some episodes ("some!") from the first five seasons of THE CAROL BURNETT SHOW were now available on ROKU's site -- for free.  I didn't know ROKU had free offerings -- and, yes, I use a ROKU stick on my TV for my streaming so I'm always at the ROKU home page of TV services to pick from.

Maybe that's the sort of thing that Joseph was asking about?

"What am I not watching?"

Joe, I honestly don't know.

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