Monday, July 15, 2019

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Is racism suddenly okay?

I ask because I read Paul Haeder's "It Goes Without Saying: Those in Power are without Melanin" (DISSIDENT VOICE) and was appalled by the hatred being hurled at a certain race.

Haeder writes, among other things:

Do we dare talk about the power of the ever-shrinking humanity of the white race, the power of this race to bring death and destruction to almost every single system in the universe — from space, to the heavens; from food, to travel; from education, to judiciaries; from diplomacy, to Hollywood; from literature, to media; from engineering, to the sciences; from the land, air sea, rivers?
So, this evangelical insanity runs the country, really, no matter how hard a radical, socialist, Marxist, communitarian, communist democracy fighter like me can huff and huff hoping to blow the thing down in hopes of there might be a crack in the myopic and colonized minds of “Americans.”

I really found the piece to be both stupid and insulting as well as, yes, racist.

As an African-American male, I am concerned whenever I read something racist.

I'm appalled though by this -- and it was written by a White man who considers himself a Marxist.

The problem is never the people -- let alone the skin color -- the problem is the system.

It's the system that corrupts.  It's why the Egyptians enslaved the Israelites.

Haeder wants to reduce everything to skin color and to argue that it's skin color that determines human evil.  Am I supposed to be glad that the skin color he's screaming about is White?  Maybe we need to move away from stereotyping based on skin color?  I don't think that's a radical notion today and I believe it's what the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spent his life fighting for.  Excuse me, what he gave his life fighting for.

I don't know who applauds crap like Haeder's writing.  Do you?

At the end of his piece, DISSIDENT VOICE has added a series of tags -- one of which is satire.

Oh, this is supposed to be satire?

This is supposed to be funny?

As an African-American going to college in NY in the first half of the '00s, I remember many White people telling "Black jokes" and then being surprised I was offended.  They'd tell me it was supposed to be humor as well.

It really wasn't though and neither is Haeder's writing.  We're all better than this.

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