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    Como que no ?? Entonces serían tan amables de aclararnos , quien detuvo y tiene preso a Julian Assange ??
  • In any DEMOCRACY Journalists ought to be FREE to Expose Corruption without let or hindrance from Elected Political Leaders who pretend THEY believe in FREEDOM Julian Assange Is Not A Criminal
  • Una empresa española grabó las 24 horas del día al activista Julian Assange durante su estadía en la Embajada de Ecuador en Londres.
  • Hi Marise You committed on Feb. 21, DFAT Senate estimates in response to this petition, to return with an answer about the USA Extradition for Julian Assange, that this petition is pressuring to block. Signatories now exceed 159,000. Action required
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    I’ll trust Julian assange, thank you, before any other media source
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    My main concern is that Julian Assange is in grave danger, from Australia, Sweden, USA, Britain & Canada, as members of 5 Eyes. I’m not American so USA is a lesser, tho great concern. I don’t have an answer. I do know Julian won’t receive a fair trial, let alone justice, yet.
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    Keep believing Yahoo. Julian Assange admitted that he got his leaks from Seth Rich. He has no reason to lie...but Yahoo does
  • Julian Assange is not a man who just says things for dramatic effect.” If he were here all I would say is I’m sorry.

  • A very important baby for in his "life" at embassy. His little companion. What's up now, Kitty, Julian being at Belmarsh ? They refuse him access to his lawyers & visitors... they sick b@stards ! 😢
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    If anyone at is actually serious about protecting Journalists so that they can do their job than they can prove it by helping Julian Assange. Who at the moment is doing an unprecedented amount of time for a bail violation even though he was granted asylum.
  • ~~~~~~~~Jump Rope Jingle~~~~~~~ Julian Assange, Julian Assange, Journalist #1, Revealed US war crimes, every one! The New York Times said Uncle Sam, please read our news and if you approve, Give us a smiley face when you do!
  • Pure artifice. Reeks of hypocrisy. Free .
  • Remember, Wikileaks has NEVER had to retract a story for publishing false information. Ever.

    Please Bring Julian Assange Home We the Commonwealth Must Unite & Not allow the Pentagon the Bullys dictate our Freedom

    1. Findings of Torture: The UN Rapporteur and Julian Assange
    2. Ask mueller why he didnt interview julian assange.

    1. Where is Assange? Is Assange alive? Is Assange dead? Where is Assange? In Guantanamo express? Where is Assange? Where? Where? Where? UK = free press killer! UK = journalist killer! UK= Julian Assange killer!
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      Please use this opportunity to free Julian Assange and .

    Remaining silent while knowing the torturous conditions of Julian Assange's treatment these 9 long years shows a contempt for rule of law & complicity in his persecution. Your character and integrity is being judged.

    1. why no mention of persecuted, award-winning journalist, Nobel Peace Prize nominee Julian Assange?
    2. A Soldier’s Defense of Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange
    3. Please be pro-active! Julian Assange needs your help! Do your part by Sharing this with your Friends and your Social Networks. “You have not lived today until you have done something for someone else.” J.B.

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