Monday, July 22, 2019

From The TESR Test Kitchen


We do like our sweets in the TESR Test Kitchen and our junk food as well.  Which is why so much candy and other crap gets high ratings from us.

But not this go round.

milky way

Milky Way has always made a good, solid candy bar that we love.

In addition, we love Milky Way Dark and consider it one of the few times when a candy bar has done a variation on its original offering and hit it out of the park.  Yes, Milky Way Dark may be even better than the original Milky Way.

So going in, we have every reason to hope that Milky Way Midnight would be another home run; however, it isn't.  It's not a triple.  It's not even a safe walk to first.

It's a disappointing candy bar that is too much like Milky Way Dark without actually being Milky Way Dark.

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