Tuesday, June 04, 2019

CRAPAPEDIA steps in it again

Remember, kids, it's CRAPAPEDIA.  They make up s**t all the time.  Take this about Carole King's TAPESTRY:

Tapestry was number one on the Billboard 200 for 15 consecutive weeks,[15] and held the record for most weeks at number one by a female solo artist for over 20 years until surpassed by Whitney Houston's The Bodyguard: Original Soundtrack Album in 1993, which spent 20 weeks at number one.[16]


No Whitney did not surpass Carole's record, not with THE BODYGUARD.  That is not a Whitney Houston album.  Whitney performs six of the songs on the album but seven more are performed by others.

In no known universe would that qualify as a solo album.  Whitney has not beaten Carole's record because Carole's record still stands.

THE BODYGUARD soundtrack is a soundtrack by various artists.  It is not a solo album.  CRAPAPEDIA needs to correct their glaring error.  And hiding behind "BILLBOARD retroactively reclassified the album" doesn't change anything -- especially since it can't be proven.  (Click here for a list at BILLBOARD of every Whitney Houston album -- you won't find the soundtrack to THE BODYGUARD listed because it's not a Whitney album, it's an album by "Various Artists.")
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