Monday, May 13, 2019

Editorial: When is enough actually enough?

Deborah Haynes did some strong reporting on Iraq for THE TIMES OF LONDON (including exposing the Iraqi government's hype of the train system running -- with no passengers, as Haynes discovered).  Four years ago she stated (above) "History will regret the Iraq War."

Sadly, that war still drags on.  Next year there will be yet another general election in the US.  Bully Boy Bush, Barack Obama and Donald Trump have occupied the White House and still the Iraq War continues.  It makes no difference, apparently.

The media is rushing to declare Joe Biden the nominee for the Democratic Party.  Should he be the nominee, that will mean that every presidential cycle since the illegal war started, the Democrats will have someone on the ticket who supported the Iraq War (John Kerry, John Edwards, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden again).

It's time to be very clear that support for the Iraq War is not presidential.

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