Sunday, February 24, 2019

Thoughts on the Academy Awards

1) Bette Midler nailed  "The Places Where Lost Things Go."

Bette Midler sings The place where lost things go.


Really drives home how Bette should have starred in the Mary Poppins sequel and how DISNEY should have gotten over their hostilities towards her and been casting her in musicals for about ten years now.

2) Adam Lambert and the surviving members of Queen are not Queen.  Their performance just made clear how much of the group was Freddie Mercury -- about 92%.  Or as C.I. noted (she was at the ceremonies): "

As some of us are joined by others -- I never stood for this crap -- the AMERICAN IDOL reject is on stage with Geezer Rock performing non-Oscar nominated songs.  Oh, this is going to be an awful ceremony.  Right from the start, they're not honoring film.  Can someone get these fat and old people and their attempt at Karaoke off the stage already?"

3) Trevor Noah really isn't funny.  And how telling that his only real laugh was a cheap one -- his Mel Gibson joke or 'joke.'

4)  Bravery is Mahershala Ali's middle names -- few others would dare to dress like a Minion.

  1. Mahershala Ali in what I believe to be 🚨🚨🚨🚨 the first red carpet beanie in history🚨🚨🚨🚨

5) We disagree with any wins for BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY but, setting that aside, what was Brad Pitt doing with those winners?  And the divorce is certainly hurting him, look how much weight he's gained.

  1. SOUND MIXING BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY Paul Massey, Tim Cavagin and John Casali

6) Kacey Musgraves wows them with songs on country radio but that outfit looked like someone had overdecorated a toilet scrubber.

7) The Oscars would have done better ditching that awful Queen performance and instead opening with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper or Jennifer Hudson or Bette Midler.

8) There were four people on stage who won for Best Screenplay why did Spike Lee think he was the only one gets to speak?  Spike Lee, you were not just a fashion disaster, you were also an egomaniac.

9) Barbra Streisand really is that stupid.  Of BLACKKKLANSMAN, she insisted, "It was so real . . . because it was based on the truth."  No, it wasn't.  It was a glorification of the FBI which, let's remember, was used to attack African-Americans -- not limited to attempting to suicide MLK.

10) Rami Malek just became the least worthy actor to ever win an Oscar.  Enjoy the moment, fish eyes, people are already tired of you.

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