Monday, December 17, 2018

Editorial: The deeply stupid

People don't decide to protest for no reason.  Protesting -- real protesting, not just clicking a link online -- requires actual work.  You have to give actual time.

So it's always appalling to us when someone decides to rag on protesters.  Last week, that included GirlBye at DINAR DAILY who whined and whined about the ongoing protests in Basra:

The country finally has – after elections that were held way back in May – a new parliament, president and prime minister. The full Monty. One might have thought that now might be the time to let government get to work for the people.

But no, Basra residents want their many problems solved immediately. While no one can underestimate the urgency of their demands, they also cannot but notice Basra residents’ troubled understanding of government, of democracy and of their role as citizens. Indeed, the problems in Basra is a microcosm of the tenuous state of democracy and good governance in Iraq and in the region.

This deeply stupid woman is whining that Basra doesn't have patience.  They've been protesting since July and they've been protesting against, among other things, the lack of potable water.  Over 100,000 people have been hospitalized in Basra for drinking the water -- just since July.  And those are the official figures from the Iraqi government -- meaning the actual total might be even higher.

Safe drinking water?  That's a basic when it comes to what a government is supposed to provide the people.  You have to be pretty stupid not to grasp that.

GirlBye is really stupid.

She was called out in this "Iraq snapshot" but, sadly, that seems to be it.

Apparently, you can attack protesters and get away with it.  No one's going to stand up for the innocent.

And the protests are the ones we need to support.  They've been wounded, they've been killed.  Friday, the 'security' forces fired on them.

  1. Earlier Today: This is how Iraqi Security Forces protect a corrupt government from the people. Apparently, the state only exists for politicians. The people are mere obedient servants — from the government’s perspective that is. ,


You can stand with the people, like Duaa Malik does, or you can spit on them, like GirlBye has.

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