Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Editorial: The criminals who destroyed Iraq

Iraq is a country filled with people.  Unless you're a member of the Bush Crime Family, in which case, Iraq is a target to attack, to destroy, in order to feel better about your own self.

  1. Former president George H.W. Bush ordered the Desert Storm operation in which 88,000 tons of U.S. bombs were dropped on Iraq, killing tens of thousands of Iraqis and completely destroying civilian infrastructure.

Somehow a public is so uneducated that over the weekend Twitter erupted with claims that people were confusing Poppy Bush with Bully Boy Bush.  It was Bully Boy Bush, idiots insisted, who went to war with Iraq.



It was both.

  1. Don't mourn George Bush. Mourn 100s of thousands massacred in Iraq, thousands slaughtered in Panama, millions dead in Southern Africa, Central America, Asia and everywhere else he backed atrocities in name of American Empire.
  2. George HW Bush systematically attacked the civilian infrastructure in Iraq. He turned hospitals into death rows for infants. He widely used depleted uranium, causing cancer rates to skyrocket. He made Iraq a mass graveyard. And the killing hasn’t stopped since.
  3. I remember feeling a deep sense of shame and anger when I visited the Amiriyah shelter in Iraq. George HW Bush killed more than 400 civilians huddled there on February 13, 1991. These are the crimes we should be discussing today.

  1. Did you know? George H. W. Bush dropped 88,500 tonnes of bombs on Iraq🇮🇶 & Kuwait🇰🇼 during the Gulf War. 70% 'missed' their targets, killing thousands & destroying infrastructure (NYT) Depleted uranium☢️bombs were also used, causing cancer rates to boom.

  2. For the Guardian, George HW Bush's devastation of Iraq was 'triumphant', 'the president did not put a foot wrong', 'his most impressive achievement', 'After Bush’s masterly management of the first Iraq war'.... A very ugly apologetic for massive crimes

We don't believe all the blame for the destruction of Iraq falls on the shoulders on the Bush Crime Family.  But a lot of it does.  And the crimes are sweeped away by fellow criminals who rush in to 'mourn' the death of Poppy.

Obama: Bombed Iraq. Bill Clinton: Bombed Iraq. George W. Bush: Bombed Iraq. George HW Bush: Bombed Iraq. War criminals of a feather flock together.

The Ex-Presidents?  It's a club of criminals.  They care about each other, they don't care about the people.

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