Monday, October 15, 2018

Editorial: Make your voice heard

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The invasion of Iraq was neither in self-defense against armed attack nor sanctioned by UN Security Council resolution authorizing the use of force by member states and thus constituted the crime of war of aggression, according to the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ)

A rare thing on Twitter, someone who tells the truth about Iraq.

But there are so few who even bother to talk about Iraq.  Instead they focus on Trump.  Not Donald's actual policies but how much they hate him personally.  And they then pretend that's doing politics.

It's such a hard life for them, reality.  They prefer to play blind soldiers of the partisan forces.

Meanwhile, there's death and destruction around the world as the US government continues to bomb and send soldiers all around the globe.  Sometimes to new wars, sometimes just to keep the never-ending wars (Iraq and Afghanistan) going.  There's always The Drone War.

So many people to kill.

If you're tired of it, actions are taking place this coming weekend -- October 20th and 21st.  In DC, there will be a Women's March on the Pentagon.  Around the country, there will be satellite activites.

You can make your voice heard.

 Press Advisory 
Cindy Sheehan: 707.317.8586
Bonnie Caracciolo: 470.328.2186
Emma Fiala: 612.913.6240

After months of planning, the Women’s (and others) March on the Pentagon is one week away!

Despite the fact that our children are getting third rate public schooling; homelessness is a national crisis and disgrace; U.S. infrastructure is failing at an alarming rate; and this nation is being dissolved foot by foot by global warming and unprecedented natural disasters: the Pentagon receives almost .60 of every tax dollar to continue the war machine’s program of global domination for resource control and profit.

We at WMOP reject the thinking that just because the U.S. has long been the world’s dominant hegemonic force, that it has to remain that way. Maintaining the U.S. war machine at its current levels is sucking the life our of our families, communities, nation and world.

Imperialism is the disease and Women organizing in a dedicated and militant (we won't stop until they stop) way for a peaceful and sustainable planet is the answer!

Lead organizer Cindy Sheehan had this to say from her home in California, “Without curing the disease of Imperialism, the symptoms of racism, sexism, and other endemic (to the U.S) violence will never stop.”

From the Boston area, co-lead organizer Bonnie Caracciolo added, "All power to the people."

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