Monday, October 08, 2018

Editorial: If you are silent about the targeting of Iraqi women, you don't support women


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Women are yet again being targeted in Iraq.

Three well-known women involved in the beauty industry were reported murdered in in last 30 days: Today: Tara Fares, 22, blogger and model Wednesday: Suad al-Ali, human rights activist 4 Weeks ago: Rafeef al-Yaser, surgeon and beauty expert.

Who will notice?  Who will care?

In the US, vain assholes like Amy Siskind whine and fret over Brett Kavanaugh being put on the Supreme Court.

w-w-w-what will this mean for our abortions!!!!

Shut the f**k up you stupid bitches.

You'll either fight as women have in the past or you'll cower.

In the meantime, Iraqi women really are being targeted and you would know that if just for once in your damn lives you put someone else first.

We've always wondered if Amy was a racist.  We've wondered that since 2008 and for good reason.  Recently, she was called a racist online -- and for good reason.  Seems she'd help women and herself if she could learn to focus on non-White women for even just one Tweet.

We've never thought Alyssa Milano was a racist.  We've just thought she was incredibly stupid and eager to support and cheer on any war she could.  She poses as a voice for women but even with hundreds of Tweets in the last few days, she's been unable to make time to Tweet about Iraqi women.

It's a small world in Alyssa's mind -- a small world that only includes the US.

Sunday,  Margaret Griffis (ANTIWAR.COM) reports, "In Basra, gunmen killed a woman who owned a beauty shop."  Nishita Jha (BUZZFEED) notes:

“All women entering public life are targets,” Hanaa Edwar, a women’s rights activist based in Baghdad, told BuzzFeed News. “Fares had more than 2 million followers. All of the women killed were courageous, ambitious women with strong personalities.”
As a consequence, Edwar said, many Iraqi women are withdrawing from public life.
“We have seen so many businesswomen in Basra stop their activities; young women in media have gone into hiding; women are deactivating or changing their social media profiles. Some of them have changed homes, are living low-key and under the radar. These killings are spreading fear and terrifying young women and feminists.”

No one's asking the vast useless women in the United States to go to Iraq and lay their bodies on the line to protect Iraqi women.  We're just asking them to be aware and note what these women are going through.

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