Monday, September 10, 2018

Violence strikes back against the endless occupation of Iraq

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Protesters set fire to Iranian consulate in Basra, Iraq

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Caught for years between the governments of Iran and the US, is anyone really surprised that missions of both countries would be targeted today?

The Iraqi people don't want to be occupied.

Of course, many idiots in the US don't grasp that.  They believe that Barack Obama ended the Iraq War.  Strange, however, US troops have continued to die in Iraq.

The troops are there to continue the occupation.

It's an occupation that hides behind puppets and the puppets aren't even smart enough to try to offer small appeasement to the people.  They're just greedy and grab everything they can while the people of Iraq suffer and do without.

The protests started in July and close to 100 protesters have been killed.  But the western media has largely ignored these deaths as well as the protests.  Attack the US and Iranian missions in Iraq and, suddenly, the western press is interested and suddenly violence has arrived.  AP shrieks:

Iraqi security forces deployed on the streets of Basra on Saturday, a day after protesters in the southern city stormed the Iranian consulate and torched government buildings in violence that rocked the oil-exporting Shiite heartland and sparked alarm across a conflict-weary country.
Masked troops in combat fatigues set up checkpoints and rode through the city center in black pickup trucks with heavy weapons mounted in the back. Security forces in Humvees deployed at intersections.

It's the third month of protests and protesters have been wounded in the hundreds and killed but only now is the western media concerned.

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