Tuesday, April 10, 2018


An e-mail came in asking us what we thought of this mirror site?

We didn't know it existed.

We aren't reposting there.

We have nothing to do with it.

Though unaware of that site, we were aware of the various COMMON ILLS sites around the world -- Russia, Ireland, etc.  When we first learned of those sites, some of us were upset.  C.I. wasn't.  She said the message was the important thing and if it was being reposted that was just fine.  Jim then pointed out that with the millions of views THE COMMON ILLS proper gets, it's not like these other sites are hurting traffic.

So if there are other mirror sites, that's fine.  We hope they'll add their own content at some point.  Put their own stamp on it because that's what it's all about.

When this site started, we were rather unique in many ways.  In the years since, the popularity of Ava and C.I.'s writing (their media coverage) has resulted in many copycats -- most of whom flamed out quickly -- oh, you tried so very hard, IN THESE TIMES (to name but one).  Ava and C.I. also impacted the current media coverage.  Read any of their pieces from the first decade and compare it to what The Water Cooler Set was serving up then and what they serve up now and you'll see the impact Ava and C.I. have had.

When THE MEDIA CHANNEL reposted Ava and C.I.'s "Friendly Faces aren't who we meet" without asking or, for that matter, notifying, we only cared because they had accepted George Soros' money and, since that reposting, we've been repeatedly -- and wrongly -- accused of being on the Soros payroll.

This is not a pay site, there's no charge to read.  As such, we see mirror sites as a good thing.  Spread the word, absolutely.

But, again, hopefully, you'll add your own voices.  It's the only way opinions grow.

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