Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The Outrage Factory

Did you have your daily dose of outrage?

The Outrage Factory certainly churns out enough to fulfill the needs of most America.s

But reading this CNN story, we were confused.

Are we supposed to be shocked?  Outraged?  To curse Donald Trump?
The only incompetence we see is that of the press.
So a journalist is responsible for compiling FORBES’ most wealthy or whatever vanity list.  Instead of doing the work required, he’s talking to people he thinks work for wealthy people.  He’s calling that research – what their lackeys tell him.  As if the lackeys aren’t being told to lie by their bosses.  Donald Trump, emerging on the scene, poses as someone else and does his own spin.

Not seeing that bad on the part of him.  People like Donald want to be on the list.  It means business and fame and that is what he is all about.  He was a self-promoter.  That is not surprising.  He didn’t do anything wrong.  As for the press?  They didn’t do their job.  They’re not confessing to any great crime by him.  They are confessing to journalistic malpractice. 

They’re so out to get him that they don’t realize when they make themselves look both idiotic and unprofessional.  Jonathan Greenberg is so thirsty for fame he obviously doesn’t care how much shame it comes with.
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