Monday, April 02, 2018

From The TESR Test Kitchen


Trolli Sour Brite Dip'n Crawlers is the product, identified as "gummi candy."  We knew gummis -- bears, et al.  But were unfamiliar with them in Trolli form and in a dip'n sauce form.  The dip'n sauce container asks you, "WHAT LEAVE OF SOUR ARE YOU?"  In other words, it's a candy that shouts at you.

When you pull back the top ("OPEN @ YOUR OWN RISK" -- you are warned) and sniff, you're greeted by a citrusy and sugary smell.  Then you notice that dip'n sauce isn't a dip but, in fact, a blue powder that reminds you visually of a power laundry detergent.

The gummis were surprisingly tasteless and a little hard.  Near the end of each one, you were greeted with a sour taste if you dipped it into the blue powder.  Otherwise, it was rather tasteless.

To get more of that sour taste, you needed more blue powder on the gummi.

And as you load it with sour -- easiest if you wet the gummi first -- a sweet taste from the gummi does emerge.

It's a lot of work, however, for what is a minor candy with minor pleasure.

We rate this one a fail.
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