Sunday, January 07, 2018

Little Dylan Farrow and her hypocritical supporters

Woody Allen.

Dylan Farrow says she was molested by him at the age of seven.

He says no.

The press treats this as a he-said/she-said but it's not.

The court ordered an investigation into the charges.  The Yale-New Haven team found no molestation had taken place.

These are called facts.  Dylan may not like them but they are facts.

She has whined for years -- and, yes, it is whining at this point.

It became that the minute she started attacking people for working with Woody.

What about what happened to her!!!!

What did happen to her?

Per the investigation conducted by medical professionals, nothing happened to her.

Per her brother Moses, nothing happened to her.

So she attacks Moses.

We're supposed to take Dylan's word but, per Dylan, we're not supposed to believe Moses?

Not about what happened or didn't happen between her and Woody?

And certainly not about Mia Farrow being physically abusive -- even though Moses and Soon-Yi can both testify to that fact.

Dylan whines that every time a Woody Allen film opens or plays on TV her angel wings are ripped off.

Grow the hell up.

You're not anyone.

You've done nothing with your life.

32-years-old and nothing with your life.

But you seem to think you have a fan base?

You think because your parents -- Woody Allen and Mia Farrow -- are famous, that the world owes it to you to follow your drama.

We don't.

You've done nothing with your life.

You're another child-of who thinks the world owes you something.

Grow the hell up.

And as for Dylan's supporters . . .

Two words: Paula Poundstone.

She's on NPR -- even has her own NPR show.

You say you care about what happens but you don't insist NPR fire Paula Poundstone, do you?

But Paula did abuse children in her care.  She can never be a foster parent again because of what the police discovered.  She pled out and accepted a lesser charge.  But she molested a child -- that's what "inappropriate touching" was.

So when the Dylan Farrow crowd wants to get upset that Paula's on NPR or that she got off with six months (and can never be a foster parent again) while pretending the whole thing was a 'drinking issue'?  When they want to get real we may take them seriously.

Until then, Dylan had her day and her hypocritical supporters are trashing Woody because they don't like his comedy or they don't like who he married or they feel sorry for Mia -- but not because Dylan claims he did something to her.

Dylan's had her day.

And then some.

Click here for the report from The Child Sexual Abuse Clinic of Yale-New Haven Hospital.

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