Monday, January 01, 2018

From The TESR Test Kitchen

Who doesn't like mac & cheese?


Maybe a lot more than you know -- especially if they're eating Kraft's Easy Mac.

The notion that you can have mac & cheese without milk?

Well anyone who's ever taken the cap off the milk jug only to discover the contents have soured dreams of a mac & cheese without milk.

The dream becomes a nightmare with one taste of Easy Mac.

It's awful.

We worked and worked on this.

Our hints for making it taste better.

Cook it in the microwave for four minutes.  Let it stand for three minutes.

Then add the sauce packet and it is edible.

Add a little tuna and/or lemon pepper to it and it tastes okay.

But nothing makes it wonderful.

If Kraft gave a damn, they'd pull this crap off the market until they could make it tasty.

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