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TV: The gifted?

FOX has a new TV show this season entitled THE GIFTED.

A number of e-mails have come in asking us to review it?


In this environment?

Okay, here goes, Percy Hynes White has been given a lead role.

He is sixteen and looks like just the sort of chicken a chicken hawk would prey on.

Is that not fair?

Neither's life.

Bryan Singer's entire future at this point is a large question mark.

He's denied sexually harassing minors but he was in business with convicted pedophiles.

This includes DIGITAL ENTERTAINMENT MEDIA's Marc Collins-Rector, a convicted offender who preyed on boys and fled the country following his conviction.

Amy J. Berg's documentary OPEN SECRETS is about pedophilia in the entertainment business.  It's a documentary no one -- including 'heroic' Marc Cuban -- wanted to distribute.

It shows victims of DEM.  They detail how they were victimized.

They detail how they were nude in hot tubs with various adult males -- Bryan Singer?

It has been alleged that he forced then teenaged Michael Egan's head underwater for oral sex.

Last week, Bryan Singer killed his Twitter account.

The focus on victimizers in the entertainment industry had led to a lot of Tweets about him, such as this one.

Let us not forget

More than that, a Twitter user by the name of Justin Smith (@Justin_C_Smith) did a series of Tweets on Singer accusing him of assault.  The most damning of the Tweets read, "He quickly & very aggressively shoved his hand down my jeans & underwear and tried to shove his finger inside me. He had his other hand clamped on my shoulder so I couldn’t immediately move away. He penetrated me for a split second before I shoved him away."

In what may have been a standoff agreement, Smith and Singer both deleted their Twitter accounts at the same time.

But not before YAHOO and THE FORWARD's Jenny Singer reported on it.  Both stories were then deleted at the same time as the Singer Twitter account.

Singer's Tweets remain:

  1. Where did Justin C Smith's brave Twitter accusations against @bryansinger go?
  2.   Retweeted
    What happened to Justin Smith’s twitter account and thread about Bryan Singer?!

THE DAILY WIRE has kept their story about Justin Smith's up online.

In the current climate, some have tried to make comments they hoped provided perspective.

Which is how we got that it took only one boy to come forward for Michael Jackson to be exposed by X number of women for Harvey Weinstein to be exposed.


It took Michael Jackson settling out of court repeatedly with young boys for Michael to be seen as a child molester.


The second Ashley Judd's public charges were known, he was exposed.  Other women came forward, good for them, but it all it took was Ashley Judd.

As for Kevin Space, it's similar.

If his accuser was unknown, the p.r. campaign would be that the accuser was an extortionist, a con artist, a blackmailer, etc.

It was not one person that took down Spacey, it was Anthony Rapp.

Rapp is known.  Like Judd, he has a career.

Therefore, it was easier to believe Rapp and Judd.

The bulk of cases involving assault and rape involve victims who are not famous and, without fame, they do not have the power that a Judd or a Rapp does when attempting to call out an attacker.

The Hollywood element is not an element that needs to be dropped from the coverage but the things taking place in the stories coming out take place throughout society.

Are there other factors with regards to Hollywood?

Harry Dreyfuss (son of Academy Award winner Richard) has shared his story of how Spacey repeatedly grabbed him and he repeatedly said "No."

That's a tale worth sharing.

Equally true, the casting couch exists in the entertainment world, it always has.

As Joan Crawford said of the casting couch, "It sure beat the cold, hard floor."

There are adults who enjoy the casting couch, even today.

If that's two adults, fine.

Also fine?

Telling an adult you're interested in them, that's a pass.

Grabbing someone is assault.

Above all, children are off limits.

It's a message many don't grasp because the entertainment industry refuses to condemn child assault loudly and clearly.

Mia Farrow and Whoopi Goldberg's defense of Roman Polanski, for example, is disgusting.

Mia loves to go on and on about Woody Allen but Woody was investigated and no charges were brought against him.

Roman confessed and Mia's defended him forever and a day.

Bryan Singer's involved in a TV show and the question has to be: Why?

We're willing to set aside Mia's claims about Woody.  No charges were brought against him, he is not accused of assault of anyone else.  There's no pattern that can back up Mia's claims.

And Mia willing to chooses to engage with rapist Roman Polanski whose accusers go beyond the young girl he admitted to (for others, clickhere, here, here and here).

Pattern is important.

So is response.

And, sorry, but Bryan Singer's failed both.

He's failed to condemn the issue -- despite denying that he's abused any boys himself.

He's also much too connected to abusers.

We've noted his involvement in DEM and with Marc Collins-Rector and that he was in business with Collins-Rector and socialized and tub-partied with Collins-Rector.

Then there's Brian Peck.

He's another buddy of Bryan Singer and, yes, he's another convicted child molestor.

His conviction came in 2004.

Before the conviction, Singer cast Peck in a small role in X-MEN.  After the conviction, he cast him in a small role in X-MEN 2.  Singer and Peck also teamed up to do the commentary on the DVD of X-Men.

We're not seeing any revulsion on the part of Singer.

We're seeing someone who has been repeatedly accused of abusing boys and who has repeatedly chosen to surround himself with pedophiles.

No, we're not interested in reviewing THE GIFTED.

We're not interested in being like NICKELODEAN which also employed Peck and still employs an alleged child abuser (this one a man who targets young girls).

We're also not interested in smearing someone.  David Walsh (WSWS) has expressed concern about sexual McCarthyism.

We can see his point.

We also realize that a group of people pointing and screaming "Witch!" does not make anyone a witch.

Bryan Singer has every right to defend himself.  He has every right to denounce us as "liars" and worse.

We don't deny him that right.

But we're very troubled by what is publicly known and what is personally told to us.

When we were speaking to one friend who shared his experience with Singer, his "alleged" experience, he feared he'd be accused of attacking a gay man.

Did you miss his public reshaping?

He's bisexual.

And he can grab all the consensual adult cock he wants and we don't care.

We only care when it's non-consensual or with a child.

Pedophilia is not same-sex attraction.

It's attraction to a child.

Danny Masterson's facing allegations of rape.  Another reason we avoided reviewing THE RANCH (his NETFLIX hit sitcom).  The way we'd prefer to avoid THE GIFTED.

A lot of people -- some who believe he was wrongly accused, some who believe he got away with abuse -- feel Michael Jackson would have been fine after the first child came forward publicly if he'd just stopped sharing his bed with young boys.

When we try to get through an episode of THE GIFTED, we're repeatedly reminded of that as a result of young child actor Percy.

It's creepy.

It's uncomfortable.

In 2014, Robert Kolker (VULTURE) explained how Singer was part of a huge pay off to four accusers.  It's 2017 and maybe the best news is that each episode of THE GIFTED gets lower ratings.  Possibly, Nielsen will do what FOX should have done long ago.

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