Monday, October 16, 2017

Havey's not the only predator


Harvey Weinstein's only one predator.

There are so many others out there.

And it's amazing how they are getting off while various women are being slammed.

We don't believe that Mayim Bialik needs to feel bad -- for attempting to participate in the conversation.

Nor do we believe that Jane Fonda needs to feel bad -- she knew a year ago but wasn't sure what she was allowed to disclose (Rosanna Arquette told her about it).

But we do question certain things.

Take, for example, THE CHINA SYNDROME.

Jane produced it.  With Michael Douglas.

So why was she okay with the scene where her character, reporter Kimberly Welles, is doing interviews at a nuclear plant and Michael Douglas condescendingly slaps her on the butt?

Her Kimberly doesn't react, doesn't register.

It's treated as normal.

And for Michael it is.

Unlike his father, rape rumors don't swirl around him.  (Kirk is rumored to have raped Natalie Wood and Dorothy Dandridge -- among others.)

For that slap on the ass -- and the normalizing of it (no, it wasn't acceptable, not even in 1979) -- Jane may need to apologize.

But, speaking of ass, Ben Affleck has serious issues and they need to be addressed -- repeated groping stories are emerging.  It's not funny and it's not cute.

Matt Damon needs to answer for his actions.

He and Ben both need to answer as to why they didn't help Rose McGowan.

They knew she was blacklisted in films by Harvey Weinstein.  They were making big movies and could have easily tossed a role or two her way.  But they refused to do so and so they are as bad as Harvey because what creates the silence is the idea that you will be harmed for speaking out.

By refusing to support the victims, Ben and Matt furthered Harvey's actions and backed them up.

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