Monday, October 30, 2017

Editorial: Calm the f**k down already

Ronald Reagan.

Oh, he was a horror – if, like us, you were on the left.

“He was a lousy actor and he’ll make a worse president,” Bette Davis said to cheers from many of us on the left.

And some of us on the left swore the world would end.

It didn’t.

Yes, the Contras were backed. Yes, there were Dirty Wars. Yes, a lot of good people are dead who shouldn’t be – but isn’t that the reality for every US presidency?

We’re not being flippant or sarcastic.

You can call us cynical.

Or even jaded.

But, to crib from Aerosmith, American presidents, “you’re the one who jaded me!”

Granted, some won’t know about this period. They are too young (that includes some of us writing this editorial).

You can forgive them.

But these people who should know better?

We’re not getting them at all.

And even to the younger, WTF?

You’ve never lost before?

Your refusal to grow the hell up is very embarrassing and makes it appears as though the carping about trophies being handed out just for showing up really was the defining moment of your childhoods.

As to those of you old enough to know better, shame, shame on you.

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