Sunday, July 09, 2017

Cass Elliot VARIETY

Did you catch the new Cass Elliot album?

All those tracks?

Some of her hits with The Mamas and The Papas, some of her solo hits and Cass performing songs like "The Glory Of Love" and "The Look Of Love"?

cass elliot

This is the Cass album everyone should have because it shows just how incredible her talent was.

Sadly, it's not released.

It's not even compiled.

Here's the track list that could be for a Cass album we'd call VARIETY:

"The Glory Of Love" -- THE CAROL BURNETT SHOW, 1970

"The Girlfriend" -- ED SULLIVAN (segment "Tribute To Richard Rodgers"), 1970.

"The Look Of Love" -- THE CAROL BURNETT SHOW, 1971.

"Heaven Help Us All" -- with Ray Charles, Elton John and Andy Williams, THE ANDY WILLIAMS SHOW, 1971.

"Welcome To The World" -- GET IT TOGETHER, 1970.

"Lonely At The Top" -- THE CAROL BURNETT SHOW 197.

"Monday Morning" -- THE DON KNOTTS SHOW, 1970.

"You've Got A Friend" -- with Carol Burnett and Bernadette Peters, THE CAROL BURNETT SHOW 1971

Medley "One Night," "Do Right Woman, Do Right Man,"  "Love Me," "A Big Hunk Of Love," "Respect," "I Guess I'll Always Love You" -- with Tom Jones, THIS IS TOM JONES,  1969.

Medley "I Dig Rock & Roll Music," "Respect" and "What'd I Say" -- with Sammy Davis Jr., THE HOLLYWOOD PALACE, 1969.

"One Way Ticket" -- The Andy Williams Show, 1970.

Medley "New World Coming," "Dream A Little Dream Of Me" and "Make Your Own Kind Of Music" -- with Julie Andrews, THE JULIE ANDREWS HOUR, 1972.

Medley "California Dreamin'" and "Monday, Monday" -- THE MAMA CASS TELEVISION SHOW, 1969.

"Make Your Own Kind Of Music" -- THE HOLLYWOOD PALACE, 1969.

"California Earthquake" -- THE SMOTHERS BROTHERS COMEDY HOUR, 1968.

Medley "Feeling Groovy," "The Sounds of Silence," "Mrs. Robinson" "Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme" "Homeward Bound" and "Bridge Over Troubled Water" -- with Julie Andrews, THE JULIE ANDREWS HOUR, 1971.


"I'm Coming To The Best Part Of My Life" -- THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH JOHNNY CARSON1973.


"Act Naturally" -- with Johnny Cash, THE JOHNNY CASH SHOW

Medley "Words," "Words Of Love," "The Times They Are Chaning" and "You've Got Your Troubles, I've Got Mine" -- with Andy Williams, ANDY WILLIAMS PSYCHEDELIC.

"There's A Lull In My Life" -- THE CAROL BURNETT SHOW 1971.

"I Had A King" -- THE ANDY WILLIAMS SHOW 1968.

"I Shall Be Released" -- with Joni Mitchell and Mary Travers.

"Leaving On A Jet Plane" -- with John Denver (THE MIDNIGHT SPECIAL).

"Tell Us Where The Good Times Are" and "Big Yellow Taxi" -- with Carol Burnett, Vicki Lawrence, Lyle Waggoner -- THE CAROL BURNETT SHOW, 1970

That's Cass singing Joni Mitchell ("I Had A King," "Big Yellow Taxi") and singing with Joni ("Leaving On A Jet Plane"), performing songs she never recorded for an album.

This album could be a real thing.

Judy Garland's 2010 album THE LOST TRACKS: 1927 to 1959 featured Judy's performances on various programs.

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