Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Those Jezzie-belles go after Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon made some very factual statements about Debra Messing.

JEZEBEL can't handle facts so we get Sweet Bitch Megan Reynolds referring to Susan as "La Sarandon" and typing, "Imagine Susan  Sarandon telling you that you don’t have the information. May the beautiful feud never end."

And may your ignorance flourish, Bitch Megan.

Our own Ann tried to leave this statement at the site:

I support Susan Sarandon. Debra Messing has made a fool of herself and maybe you should follow her Twitter feed before you rush to slam Susan. Debra rushes in with no information at all and starts telling people lies. Lies? Telling people that the FBI will open an investigation if the topic is the most called on for the day is a lie. But she mistook the FBI for American Idol. Telling Gwen Stefani to “talk to her man” on Twitter because Debra’s so dumb that she misunderstood what Blake Tweeted (and slammed him for it)? That’s coming off like a fool. Rushing to praise Caitlin Jenner’s political judgments? Debra had no idea that Jenner had slammed and slimed Hillary Clinton. I could go on and on. Susan Sarandon Tweets about actions and knows what she’s talking about.

If you're a regular reader, you get what Ann's talking about.

You get what bitches like Megan don't: Debra Messing is an idiot.

We've documented it here repeatedly and JEZEBL would be aware of Debra's stupidity were it not for their own.

For anyone who's forgotten, Debra Messing was starring in a successful NBC sit-com when the Iraq War started.

She didn't protest.

She didn't say a word.

Susan Sarandon?

Susan Sarandon put it on the line, she called out the war, she didn't back down.  Not even when the United Way dumped her to be pro-war.

Dumb bitches at JezzyBelle don't know a thing about the world.

Which is why they'll applaud a neocon like Debra Messing.

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