Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Editorial: 201 A Sectarian Policy

Mosul Battles has lasted a month longer than siege of Stalingrad and biggest since the WWII in terms of number of forces involved.

The Mosul Slog.

Sunday, it hit the 200 day mark.



201, A Sectarian Policy.

The operation should have started years ago.

Why didn't it?

Hard not to argue sectarian politics had a lot to do with it.

Otherwise, you're just left with the Iraqi government being a coward.

In June of 2014, the terrorist group the Islamic State (aka ISIS) seized control of Mosul.

In 2014, the Iraqi government did nothing.

In 2015, the Iraqi government did nothing.

2016 was 3/4s over when they finally launched an operation to liberate Mosul -- or 'liberate.'

Again, 201 A Sectarian Policy.

That would also explain why the Iraqi government told the civilians not to leave.

We helped kill 81 innocent civilians in a strike last week. How much did you hear about it?

The Iraqi government tells them not to leave but the US press insists its the Islamic State trying to lure the civilians into being bombed?

Well they'll tell any lie to avoid holding the US government accountable.

Meanwhile, The Mosul Slog just scoots along.

ISIS launches rocket-mounted vehicle attack against US-backed Iraqi troops in Mosul

North West of Mosul, ISIS Missile strike destroyed Iraqi Army Abram Tank.

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