Monday, April 10, 2017

Editorial: When does it ever end?

This site started after the Iraq War began.

And after the Afghanistan War began.

And since, so many more.

So many more.

Again and again in the same situation
For so many years 
-- "Same Situation," written by Joni Mitchell, first appears on her COURT & SPARK.

More war.

All the time.

And, as with Iraq, we're doing it to 'save' somebody.

And, again, 'chemical weapons' are at issue.

Joseph Kishore (WSWS) noted, "The Syrian government of Assad, whose forces have been on the offensive, had nothing to gain from ordering a chemical attack on his retreating enemies. The United States had obvious political motives. The CIA and military were looking for a justification to launch airstrikes on the Syrian government based on geostrategic considerations."

But try to find that skepticism in the corporate press.

You won't.

Which is why the wars never end these days.

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