Monday, March 13, 2017

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March Madness.

The Big Dance.

What's the point?

When I was in college (now a decade ago), I was all over March Madness.

And I would get mad when certain points or issues were raised.

Now days?

Now days I see the points that escaped me when I was younger.

Take the University of Kansas' Jayhawks.

Why are they even competing?

If they're not going to openly discipline their players, why are they allowed to take part?

How are they living up to what's expected from the NCAA?

It's not just supposed to be what you do on the field but what you do off as well.


That's Frank Mason III.  He's the Jayhawk of the week (male) at the university's website.

While there could be a lot worse picks, is he really the best?

According to police reports, he's a witness (one of five basketball players) to a December 17th even at McCarthy Hall.  What event?  Supposedly the rape of a 16-year-old girl.

As a witness, maybe he tried to stop the rape?

Or maybe he's a witness to avoid charges?

We don't know because the University of Kansas does not operate in the open.

We do know that there are many issues with the basketball team.

January 30th, Mike Coppinger (USA TODAY) reported:

Kansas University guard Lagerald Vick likely committed domestic violence against a female student multiple times in 2015, a school investigation found.

The Kansas City Star reported Monday that Vick was accused of punching the student in the arm several times and kicking her in the face. KU's Office of Institutional Opportunity and Access investigated the alleged incident from late December 2015 into January 2016. KU recommended two years of school probation for Vick.

Vick's problems with the law don't end there.

Laura Bauer and Mara Rose Williams (KANSAS CITY STAR) reported last month:

Two University of Kansas men’s basketball players are persons of interest in a Lawrence police investigation into the vandalism of a car in early December, multiple sources have told The Kansas City Star.
The players of interest in the case are Josh Jackson and Lagerald Vick. Investigators have recently interviewed several people who witnessed the reported crime, which occurred in the early morning hours of Dec. 9 outside a bar. A police report categorizes the $2,991 in damage to the car as a felony.

Read more here


Don't really get how the Jayhawks are being allowed to compete with these players 'of interest.'

Don't really get how this helps sports one bit.

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