Monday, March 20, 2017

Editorial: They wanted to stop a war?

This what happened to 14 years ago. 😔 03/19/2003

It's the 14th anniversary.

And where are the people speaking out?

Certainly, Iraq Veterans Against the War must be speaking out, right?

It's their whole purpose, right?


Here are their Tweets from today:

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    The signs say it all! In face of Trump's attacks on voting rights, NY must pass early voting & auto. VR.
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    5 years later - we celebrate vibrant national community, grassroots activism, and community transformation
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    We must realize that long after we are gone, nuclear waste will live on and persist in harming people and our planet

A million hoodies, how sweet that must sound to the Iraqi people.

IVAW became the most disgusting organization in the US back in the summer of 2008.  They've never recovered their guts or their brains from that embarrassment in Denver.

Even the pathetic UPFJ (United Pathetic Fools and Jesters) waited until the day after the 2008 election to shut down.

They're back -- in all their pathetic splendor.

No one's really sure why.

Maybe Leslie Cagen's not able to patrol The Cubby Hole and pick up dates on her past anymore.

Maybe she and the other Pathetics needs something a little more current to look hip.

So they regroup but forget Iraq.

Don't doubt us -- check out their weak ass home page.

Today is the 14th anniversary of the 2003 US/British invasion of Iraq. Millions dead and displaced with a death toll still rising.

So few remember, so many forget.

They pretend they wanted to stop a war but the reality is that if they wanted to end the Iraq War, they wouldn't have taken 8 years off to provide cover for their blessed Barack.

The reality is that they're full of it.

The reality is that they should get down on their knees in public and beg the Iraqi people for forgiveness.

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