Monday, March 27, 2017

Editorial: All those responsible

Possibly 200 or more Iraqi civilians killed in a US airstrike.

You know what that means, right?


And the first to sling their ass under the street lamp?

THE DAILY BEAST's Florian Nuehof who shows up, in tattered fishnet stockings, to purr, with one hand down the front of your pants, "Such are the risks."

Oh, Florian, you are The Cheap Easy.

And you are so far, far from alone.

Liars like you help prolong wars.

Liars like you distort the truth.


We've long called out the role of the press in prolonging the illegal war.

Equally true, the Leslie Cagens, Medea Benjamins, Norman Solomons, Gloria Steinems, Kim Gandys, and all the other whores who fell silent in the last 8 years helped to prolong the Iraq War.


The peace movement's had a plague of losers.

They've lied and misled.

And the people of the world should never forgive them.

Their dishonesty and their silence made the latest massacre possible.

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