Monday, February 27, 2017

Editorial: Never-ending

Only the never-ending Iraq War could have the never-ending Mosul Slog.

The operation to 'liberate' Mosul began 132 days ago and still continues.

last updated map of situation in Mosul

In the rush to sell the ongoing war, many western outlets are trying to reset the clock on The Mosul Slog -- CNN, for example, tried to call it 48 hours old last week.

They lied to start the Iraq War, they lie to continue it.

President Donald Trump's not off the mark when he notes the press is the enemy of the American people.

They are not protecting the people.

They have not protected the people in some time.

And in they immediately reversed any gains in bravery that Vietnam and Watergate gave rise to.

This is the press who covered for Barack Obama for eight long years.

He killed civilians with drones and they weren't worried at all.

He continued wars and started new ones and they felt no need to hold him accountable or to report the truth.

Donald Trump strikes the posers as uncouth.

That's his crime for them.

So they rush to hold him 'accountable.'

Their refusal -- and this includes left outlets like MOTHER JONES -- to hold the liars of the Iraq War accountable demonstrates that they're not concerned with accountability.

A president, Barack, who was voted into office to end the Iraq War and managed to leave office eight years later without ever ending the Iraq War, was never held accountable.

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