Sunday, January 29, 2017

CRAPAPEDIA -- still covering for men


Back before anyone else noticed CRAPAPEDIA's sexism, we were pointing out.

Noting how they portrayed women as sluts and whores for their sex lives while the men these women were involved with were not portrayed in the same manner and often their cheating ways were not even noted.

People have woke to CRAPAPEDIA as a result.

There new trick is to minimize men's actions.

Take Spencer Ackerman:

In 2006 Ackerman was fired from TNR for "insubordination" (in TNR editor Franklin Foer's account) or "irreconcilable ideological differences" (in Ackerman's).[3]

That's how they portray it.



Before they had a full sub-section on that moment:

Firing from The New Republic

In October 2006 he was fired by The New Republic Editor Franklin Foer. Describing it as a "painful" decision, Foer attributed the firing to Ackerman's "insubordination": disparaging the magazine on his personal blog Too Hot For TNR, saying that he would "skullfuck" a terrorist's corpse at an editorial meeting if that was required to "establish his anti-terrorist bona fides" and sending Foer an e-mail where he said—in what according to Ackerman was intended to be a joke—he would “make a niche in your skull” with a baseball bat.[3]
Ackerman, by contrast, argued that the dismissal was due to “irreconcilable ideological differences”. He believed that his leftward drift as a result of the Iraq War and the actions of the Bush administration was not appreciated by the senior editorial staff.[3] Ackerman reports having no regrets over anything he wrote or said but in retrospect believes that he should have quit well before he was fired. [1]

Seems rather important.

And CRAPAPEDIA's supposed to be an online 'encyclopedia' -- strange how they keep editing out embarrassing moments for men.

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