Monday, December 19, 2016

The scandal that could rock Barack's presidency

As Barack Obama prepares to wrap up his second (and final) term as President of the United States, the administration is rocked by a scandal.

Wags say Barack entered into a torrid affair in the last weeks of the election, one that blinded him to interference from outsiders such as the North Pole where Santa's naughty list -- leaked to WikiLeaks -- is said to have cost War Hawk Hillary Clinton the election.

It is said that Barack did not protect the sanctity of the election in part due to his extramarital affair.

After ending the affair at the insistence of First Lady Michelle Obama, Barack thought the matter was behind him.

But the ex-lover refuses to go away and has taken to stalking Barack as the photo below demonstrates.


Valerie Jarrett is said to have told friends that Michelle first learned of the affair when Barack showed up one night with frost burn on his privates.

It's said that Barack's male lover, being referred to as Frosty The Snowman, practice "snowballing" with the president.

Frosty, an aged celebrity, is said to be both hurt and hoping to parlay this into greater fame and his own reality TV show.

Asked about the affair, White House spokesperson Josh Ernest insisted that there was absolutely no truth to the rumors -- thereby indicating that every word was true.

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