Monday, December 05, 2016

Editorial: The return of the f**k s**t

You know they're coming.

The ones who've done nothing the last eight years.

The hacks who claim to be leftists but couldn't speak out against the Iraq War.

Suddenly, their poster boy isn't in the White House.

So they're going to want to rage.

Things liberals will act like theyve always opposed under Trump, ranked 4 NSAspying 3 extrajudicial assassination 2 charters 1 regime change

The Iraq War got Barack into the White House.

It just didn't matter enough for people to pressure him once he was inside the Oval Office.

Which is why not only does the Iraq War continue but also why US Secretary of Defense Ash Carter is publicly stating that US forces cannot leave Iraq even after (or should) Mosul be liberated (or 'liberated').

The f**k s**ts will soon be back among us.

They're the John Nichols -- they write books about impeachment, get the book published and then, weeks after it's published, stop promoting it because Nancy Pelosi says impeachment (of Bully Boy Bush) is off the table.

That's a f**k s**t for you.

They'll never stand up for anything they believe in because all they've ever believed in is being a slave to the Democratic Party.

We're not saying you shouldn't use them.

We're just saying don't trust them.

Don't pretend they're leaders.

They only want to lead you to the polling place to vote for a Democrat.

They don't believe in the power of the people.

Or in a future we can determine.

They're coming back.

Get ready for them.

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