Monday, November 28, 2016

About a possible recount or two or three

Wouldn't change a thing.

Yes, the Debra Messings insist otherwise but they're idiots.

Obama admin reiterates: no evidence of hacking. "Results... accurately reflect the will of the American people"

Why would Barack Obama, a Democrat, say that?

Because he's an elected Democrat.

There will be no fraud found.

None of serious consequence.

And that will be true even if there was massive fraud in the 2016 election.


The press called it for Donald Trump already.

Do you really see the press doing re-writes?

Did you miss how they buried the 2000 recount results?

(And how they hid behind the excuse of 9-11 to do it?)

They system protects itself.

To allow that serious fraud took place in 2016 . . .

. . . would mean opening a can of worms that the establishment does not want opened.

Do you really think anyone wants the 2004 elections results being questioned?


This is an easy to waste money and pretend to make a difference.

That's all the recount is.

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