Monday, October 03, 2016

The day Ani DiFranco died

Ani DiFranco

The day . . . Ani DiFranco died.

Remember Ani?

Back before she tried to have her 'retreat' on a former slave plantation?

Remember when she mattered.

A long, long time ago

When she sang things like "And I wonder who's gonna be president/ Tweedle Dumb or Tweedle Dumber" -- remember that Ani?

She'd ripped our experiences out of our own hands and turned them into art with "Both Hands," "Shameless," "Untouchable Face," "Not A Pretty Girl," "As If," etc.

And she refused to live in a LITTLE PLASTIC CASTLES.

So, in 2000, she supported Ralph Nader in his bid for president.

It wasn't a decision all of us agreed with but we could respect it.

Independent Ani.

Then came 2004, and she got cornered on air by Sam Seder on AIR AMERICA RADIO's THE MAJORITY REPORT and agreed to support the Democratic Party candidate John Kerry.


She couldn't explain it then.

She supported Barack Obama in 2008.

Again, why?

And in 2012.

And now she's fallen so low she's supporting Hillary Clinton.

She won't support Ralph (he ran again in 2004 and 2008) and she won't support independent politicians.

Does she think she's 'forgiven'?

Centrist Michelle Goldberg slammed her last week at SLATE for backing Nader in 2000.

Al Gore lost in 2000 because of Al Gore.

People who voted for Nader didn't cost Al Gore the election.

Al Gore's own stupidity and timidity did.

He could have moved left but instead chose Joe Lieberman as his running mate.

Grasp that.



He couldn't close the gap.

He couldn't win the race.

That's on Al.

He couldn't win the recount, he couldn't win his home state.

Al Gore.

These days Ani whores for the War Party.

She did a ridiculous 'protest album in defense of Barack Obama.

What has all this whoring left her with?

Her fans have fled.

She hasn't written a good song since "Half-Assed" (2006).

All to whore for the War Hawks in the Democratic Party after once pretending to be against the (ongoing) Iraq War.

She sold out her beliefs and no one takes her seriously anymore.

It's all the story of the day . . .

Ani DiFranco . . .


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