Tuesday, October 18, 2016

And here we are again (Jess)


I dropped out for just this reason.

A Sunday review needs to post . . . on Sunday.

It's Tuesday.

And things aren't done.

Worse, Ava and C.I. wrote a fine TV piece -- brief, but praising Geena Davis' acting on THE EXORCIST.

They wrote it Sunday.

This morning, Jim informs them we need "bigger."

They need to rewrite it because we need "bigger."

The fourth time he said the word, Ava and C.I. responded, "You're not Jan de Bont and we're not poor Keanu so stop screaming that at us."

And then Ava and C.I. laughed hilariously -- so that's some insider thing I don't know about but maybe you do and you'll enjoy it.  (I assume it's a tale from the filming of SPEED.)

This should have been an easier edition.

It wasn't.

Jim's tossing things that were completed saying they aren't worth posting.

I'm bringing this up because when I bailed earlier, a number of you e-mailed saying you wished you'd known there were problems.

There are problems.

Don't say you weren't tipp

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