Monday, June 06, 2016

Editorial: Journalists aren't interested in Iraq

Is it any surprise that the Iraq War fails to get the coverage it deserves?

The media isn't even paying attention.

Memorial Day again made that clear.

Notable POTUS said 3 US casualties in died "in combat" as WH has repeatedly said no troops in combat role

Greg Jaffe (WASHINGTON POST) reported, "President Obama’s remarks at Arlington National Cemetery on Monday focused on the three American service members who were killed fighting the Islamic State militant group in Iraq. This time, Obama left no doubt that the missions that took their lives involved combat."

But Memorial Day was May 30th.

As journalists, shouldn't Jaffe and Sciutto have been aware that Barack had made these comments the week prior in a STARS AND STRIPES interview:

1. Mr. President, many military families wonder why there is debate about whether or not their sons and daughters are on a combat mission in Iraq. They are risking their lives to defend not only Iraq, but ultimately the United States and the Western way of life. The U.S. forces who have lost their lives in Iraq since 2014 died on the ground fighting the Islamic State. In your own words, could you please say why this deployment back to Iraq is not a combat mission?

In our fight against ISIL, three of our brave service members have made the ultimate sacrifice on the battlefield—Master Sergeant Joshua Wheeler, Staff Sergeant Louis Cardin and Chief Special Warfare Operator Charles Keating IV. These three men were killed in combat while they were supporting local forces in Iraq. They gave their lives to keep us safe, and our prayers are with their families who have endured a loss that few of us can imagine. This Memorial Day, I’ll have the opportunity to honor these three patriots and speak to the American people about their sacrifice.

They should have.

But that would require the media paying attention to the topic.

As any White House or State Department press briefing makes clear pretty much on a daily basis, journalists just aren't interested in Iraq.

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