Monday, May 16, 2016

Shaun King explains what happened in Nevada

Debra Messing, failed TV actress and Hillary Clinton cultist, is busy comparing herself to Gandhi and denouncing Bernie Sanders supporters in Nevada.  

What really happened?

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS journalist Shaun King provides the walk through.

  1. So, if we're going to talk about how Bernie's delegates were yelling and were upset, don't tell that story without starting RIGHT HERE.
  2. They need to pass by a "clear majority." Folk were taken by surprise. She then said they "passed" and "cannot be changed." Folk lost it.
  3. Out of nowhere, right in the middle of a woman talking, the Democratic Party proposes "new rules". Nobody has seen or heard what they are.
  4. This video was early in the AM. A woman, off camera is speaking, then at 0:58 seconds into this video, the shadiness really begins. See it?
  5. So, the media account is "Bernie's supporters are crazy as hell and were uncontrollable & raucous for no real reason." LIES.
  6. I need to set the record straight here. All weekend, mainstream media has GROSSLY misrepresented what went down in Nevada. WATCH THE VIDEO.
  7. At 0:58 a man whispers in her ear. She proposes "new rules." They fail to pass, she lies & say they do. Folk go off!
    The exact moment the Democratic Party showed the fix is in
    This is how the Democratic Party started its convention in Nevada. THIS set the tone for the contentious and raucous environment. Bernie supporters didn't come there for ugliness. The Party did this.
  8. I'm about to show you some incredibly shady shit that went down with the Democratic Party. THEY set the tone for the foolishness in Nevada.
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