Monday, May 23, 2016

Editorial: When will they actually report on Falluja

-i soldiers learn to operate an M1 Abrams tank through Advanced Gunnery Training System

The battle for Falluja has begun.

And the press has glommed on it as a story to --

Well, not report.


Glommed on it as a story to repeat?

Yeah, that's it.

They repeat what the Iraqi government tells them.

And they cast it as Superman versus whatever.

But, like Batman in BATMAN VS SUPERMAN, we wonder about the people.

Because Falluja is not an empty city.

"Tens of thousands" of civilians remain in the city by most press accounts.

And that's really all the coverage they get.

It is their city.

The fighting and bombing will take place in their city.

Why are they not a major part of the story?

Oh, right.

That would require reporting.

And today's press prefers to repeat, not to report.

It's as though they're covering Hurricane Katrina but refusing to talk about the residents of the 9th

It's not reporting.

It's not responsible.

It's deeply embarrassing.

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