Monday, May 09, 2016

Editorial: Three faces of the dead

2 US service members died in Iraq last week.



B-b-b-but Barack ended the Iraq War.

Oh, what a thin line between naive and willfully stupid.

The Iraq War continues.

  • Navy SEAL Charles Keating IV, killed by ISIS in Iraq. RIP

  • AZ Gov Ducey identified the Navy SEAL killed by ISIS in Iraq as Charlie Keating IV, a graduate of Arcadia High School in Phoenix. RIP

  • Lt. David Bauders of Seattle died in Iraq Friday. He is being called a selfless soldier who put others first.

    Both men died in Iraq last week.

    A lot of Iraqis died as well.

    But they're largely faceless.

    Their deaths covered only as numbers -- if they even warrant that coverage.

    The American media is 'bored' with Iraq.

    How fortunate for them.

    How lucky for them.

    Others aren't so lucky.

    US House Rep. Seth Moulton noted the death of an Iraqi last week:

    Yesterday I lost my closest friend in the Iraqi Army to ISIS and our failed policy in Iraq.

    You've got three faces there.

    The faces of three people who died in Iraq last week.

    Look at those faces and ask yourself why you pretend the Iraq War ended?

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