Sunday, March 27, 2016

Editorial: They lie about Iraq, they lie about everything

All the fakes and all the frauds, will we ever be rid of them?

Take Iraq Veterans Against The War.

At their website, they couldn't even note the 13th anniversary of the never-ending war.  They did a little better at their Facebook page:

The Marines at Fire Base Bell are classified as “temporarily deployed,” which has allowed them not to be added to the 3,870 American troops that are authorized to be deployed to Iraq. One might say its a loophole that allows the White House’s message of “no boots on the ground” and a finite number of troops deployed in-country in non-combat roles to remain intact.

A little better?

The White House's message?

Oh, that would be Barack Obama.

The president that IVAW has never had the guts or spine to call out.

Little cowards that they are, sniveling in the darkness.

They can call out politicians and do.

A Libyan student recently asked Secretary Clinton, "We know what the U.S. can do with bombs. What else can you do?" Given her track record with Libya and Iraq, we're curious if her decision-making process is any better then the flawed foreign polices of the Bush administration: bomb, invade, overthrow - and then think later, if ever.

Her track record with Libya?

You mean Barack Obama's track record?

Not if you're the cowards of IVAW.

And certainly not if you're the coward -- and liar -- Jill Stein.

The 13th anniversary passed without Jill even noting it.

We found that surprising due to all the e-mails we've received from her campaign insisting Jill has always been a strong opponent of the Iraq War and regularly calls it out.

Then why the silence on the anniversary of the Iraq War?

That silence includes Jill Stein staying silent on the decision to send more US troops into Iraq.

  • Now, President Obama plans to send more combat troops to Iraq.

  • The 2008 Green Party presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney can Tweet truth.  The 2012 candidate Jill Stein cannot.

    In fact, Jill lies about just about everything.

    Take this whine:

  • Jill & locked out of debate. Seems doesn't want Americans to know there's more than 5 pres. candidates.

  • You mean like Kent Mesplay?

    Jill never mentions him.

    Or any of the other candidates for the Green Party's presidential nomination.

    The Green Party of the United States notes:

    The Green Party of Ohio will be holding it's Presidential Nominating Convention on April 3, 2016 in Columbus Ohio. This year we have 5 candidates competing for the chance to lead the Green Party of United States Presidential ticket. Some primaries and conventions have already taken place but the eventual nominee has yet to be determined. 
    The five candidates are:
    Darryl Cherney
    Sedinam Kinamo Christin Moyowasifza-Curry
    William P. Kreml
    Kent Mesplay
    Jill Stein

    Yet Jill -- not unlike Hillary Clinton -- keeps presenting herself as the entitled nominee.

    She did so to the idiot Corky Siemaszko (NBC NEWS) who declared, "Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate for president, has proposed . . ."


    The Green Party candidate for president has proposed nothing.

    Because the Green Party has not yet selected a nominee.

    Jill's a liar.

    She whines about being shut out of the debates but she shuts out the reality that she doesn't have the nomination of the Green Party.

    Her staff whines that she really, really cares about Iraq but she never manages to address the topic.

    She's supposedly against imperialism but while she can call out former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, she refuses to call out President Barack Obama.

    She's a coward and a liar.

    She shares that with IVAW and many others.

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