Sunday, February 28, 2016

Editorial: We elect War Criminals, don't we?

Because if we do, Hillary Clinton has no reason to sweat it.

The War Hawk who promoted war on Libya, Syria and, probably, greater LA wants to be president of the United States.

Listening to her prattle on, it's hard to figure out why.

She has no real plans, no overarching dream of what the country could be, no expressed desire of helping the American people.

So why her?

Maybe, from Saturday's "Iraq snapshot," this is a clue:

The Podesta Group has [PDF format warning] disclosed their new contact to represent the government of Iraq:

Iraq shall pay the Provider an amount of nine hundred sixty thousand US dollars (US $960,000) for services rendered, plus expenses.  Quarterly installments of two hundred forty thousand US dollars (US $240,000) shall bee paid by check in advance of each three-month period, including the beginning of the term of this Agreement.  Should the Provider be required to travel, Iraq will reimburse Provider at cost for travel expenses, including but not limited to airline tickets, airport transfers, accommodations, and meals.  Public relations expenses such as subscription services, events, digital and media monitoring, or advertising will also be passed through at cost.
Expenses for each three-month period shall be invoiced and paid by check with the fees due for the following period.  Total expenses billed during the period of this contract shall not exceed forty thousand US dollars (US $40,000).

What's that money buying?

The contract innocently puts it:

The objectives of this contract are to promote better understanding within the United States of the priorities and concerns of the Government of Iraq and to further the purposes of the Strategic Framework Agreement between the United States and Iraq, facilitate dialogue between Iraq and the U.S. Congress and executive branch, and make available to the Government of Iraq the services identified below. 

So Podesta's family gets richer and he gets Hillary's ear and what do the Iraqi people get?

A non-responsive government which tolerates and participates in abuses well documented by Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International.

A functioning media would be raising this issue, asking Hillary at debates, "How will you be protecting the people of Iraq when the Podestas rake in close to a million for representing the government of Iraq?"

The Podesta Group was founded by John Podesta and his brother.

John Podesta is the chair of the 2016 Hillary Clinton for President campaign.

Why does she want to be president?

To help her friends get richer, apparently.

  • So that vote for the Iraq War -- and all her years supporting it -- were just to create 'business opportunities' for her friends?

    You've come a long way, Hillary, to an America where Boss Tweed can be a woman.

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