Monday, February 08, 2016

Dunce of the Week


The one and only Gloria Steinem.

If you missed it, she 'apologized' for her remark (not remarks -- remarks required an apology) on her Facebook page:

In a case of talk-show Interruptus, I misspoke on the Bill Maher show recently, and apologize for what's been misinterpreted as implying young women aren't serious in their politics. What I had just said on the same show was the opposite: young women are active, mad as hell about what's happening to them, graduating in debt, but averaging a million dollars less over their lifetimes to pay it back. Whether they gravitate to Bernie or Hillary, young women are activist and feminist in greater numbers than ever before.

Oh, it's not that easy.

If that's her apology, she's a bigger idiot than we thought.

As Ava and C.I. point out this edition, her remarks included attacks on transgender persons, a homophobic assumption that "young women" are all straight, and a general sneering at anyone young -- basically anyone under 72, we'd guess.

The 81-year-old really needs to ease herself out of the spotlight.

She seized it in 1969 and it's time to surrender it.

Doesn't mean she stops speaking or stops writing.

Does mean she acknowledges she's not the leader of the feminist movement and uses any media time to highlight younger women (meaning women at least three to four decades younger -- at least).

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