Monday, February 22, 2016

Another national security failure

Last week,  Mariano Castillo (CNN) reported:

Iraqi and international officials said Thursday that radioactive material was stolen from a contractor working for an oil services company in Basra Province back in November.
The missing material was reported to the International Atomic Energy Agency in November, but the investigation continues into its whereabouts.

How does it go missing?

Yes, it's finally been found.

Jennifer Deutschmann (INQUISITR) reports:

Officials in Iraq have confirmed that missing radioactive material was found intact near a Zubayr gas station. In November, 2015, the material was reported stolen from a secured bunker near Basra Province. The theft was specifically disturbing, as officials were concerned it was stolen by a terrorist organization. 

And Mariano Castillo and Mohammed Tawfeeq (CNN) report:

That's what Iraq's deputy health minister, Dr. Jassim al-Falahi, told CNN on Sunday: "Thank God."
    Al-Falahi's sigh of relief was over the discovery of some potentially deadly radioactive material that had been missing for months.
    "We found the missing radioactive material inside its case with no damages," he said.

    We share the relief.

    But we also wonder how it happened?

    How it was allowed to be missing for months?

    Repeatedly, US President Barack Obama insists we in the US are at risk from the Islamic State.

    We must bomb Iraq, Syria and Libya as a result.

    But when radioactive material went missing -- back in November -- in Iraq and was assumed to have fallen into the 'wrong hands,' there was no effort made to discover where it was.

    Sounds like, yet again, Barack Obama has failed on national security.

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