Monday, November 23, 2015

Jim's World (They never listen)


Thanksgiving is nearly upon us.

Like many, I will be spending it with family --  Dona and our child and our parents, etc.

So like many guys across the country, the weekend meant haircut time.

I hope my experience was different than others but, from conversations since, I think it was all too common.

When I showed up for my haircut, the woman looked at the computer and said, "You like it long on top, right?"


And it's in the computer because too often that's not what I get.

And it's not what I got.

I did get to hear about my stylist's ADD and her OCD.

I got to hear about the angry spat with her lover.

I got to hear about her ex as well.

I got to hear her drone on and on while she destroyed my hair.

She saved the top for last.

Before cutting it, she asked me how it looked.

And right then it looked fine.

And then she takes the scissors and whacks the front about an inch short.

As two inches fall to the floor, I ask her what she just did?

"Oh, right.  Longer on top.  Okay, okay, I can fix it."

She takes the shears, takes off the two guard and does the sides to the scalp.

On one side.

It did not make it look better.

Nor did it look any better when she had done the other side.

It looked like Jack Webb.

Thanks to this idiot who couldn't be bothered with paying attention to her actual job, I'll be seeing family on Thursday as I sport a Jack Webb DRAGNET haircut.

When I complained, and I did complain, she told her boss I hadn't objected during the haircut.

No, not until she lopped off two inches from the top.

More to the point, the computer clearly states that I like it long on top.

And since when is it my job to monitor her?

I drop the car off for new brakes, I don't have to sit there and watch them mechanic.

So my beef this go round is how some stylists want to bore you with all the petty details of their life and don't care enough about you the paying customer to cut your hair right.

I really think a new rule needs to be imposed: Shut your mouth and cut the hair.

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