Monday, October 19, 2015

Editorial: Operation Inherent Failure

Operation Inherent Failure is the true name for US President Barack Obama's mission in Iraq.

AFP's headline last week said it all: "US to Iraq: Time for 'final push' into Ramadi."

For those who misplaced their trading cards, the assault on Ramadi began in May.

They're still not in Ramadi -- the Iraqi forces.

It's October.

For those who struggle with basic math, let's count it out together: 1 (May), 2 (June), 3 (July), 4 (August), 5 (September) and 6 (October).

But you can call it just five, if it makes it easier for you.

Five months.

Five months to try to take Ramadi.

And the US is urging them on?

The Iraqi forces are not ready.

But here's a truth they don't tell so easily: Neither is the Iraqi government.

Despite declaring June 19, 2014 that Iraq required a political solution to solve the crises, Barack chose to focus only on military actions.

Since August 2014, he's dropped a ton of bombs on Iraq.

He's killed a lot of people.

Chances are a few were actually terrorists.

Not as many as he claims were, but chances are that a few -- maybe 2% of the dead -- were terrorists.

This has been his focus.

And the government of Iraq remains as stalemated as ever.

Before providing military 'assistance' in August 2014, he was urging Iraq to put together a National Guard -- it would allow Kurds to police Kurdish areas, Sunnis to police Sunni areas, Shi'ites to police Shi'ite areas.

Guess what?

That law never passed.

The bill can't even get a vote.

One year and two months later.

Where's Ramadi?

Anbar Province.

Sunnis are the dominant population in that province.

They're not dominant in the Iraqi forces.

And with no National Guard, there's no trained Sunni forces that can be deployed.

See, the political solution mattered.

And Barack's desire to play toy soliders foolishly led him to believe that the political solution had nothing to do with the military solution.


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