Monday, September 21, 2015

The faded Emmys

It was obvious when Taraji P. Henson lost to Viola Davis but it was obvious throughout.

Acting wasn't being rewarded.

It's past time the Emmys stopped acting like the crap ass Daytime Emmys with the judging panels determining winners.


Judging panels don't work.

If you doubt it consider Susan Lucci was nominated 18 times for playing Erica Kane on ALL MY CHILDREN and lost 18 times.  It took 19 times for the most famous actress of daytime TV to finally get the award she'd long ago earned.

Year after year, Susan delivered a brava performance and was an audience favorite but these idiotic 'panels' saw fit to honor Erika Slezack.

She's not a bad actress but she did not deserve six Best Actress Daytime Emmys.

This nonsense doesn't fly on the Academy Awards where the industry votes.

Did the tired DAILY SHOW really deserve more awards?


But panels always ensure that 'farewell' moments get the awards.

Which is why Jon Hamm won.

Another season of MAD MEN and old moose knuckle would be left grabbing his crotch, not an Emmy award.

Why would anyone watch this hideous crap?

To see Julia Louis-Dreyfuss win the Emmy for Best Actress in a Comedy for the fourth year in a row?

Can you image that at the Academy Awards?

The brilliant Meryl Streep doesn't win four times in a row.

Julia is funny and is talented, she's just not Meryl Streep and let's not pretend that she is or that she deserves four consecutive Emmys for a comedy show that's really not all that funny.

It's a yawn fest, it's not a competition.

Again, get rid of the judging panels.

Let the membership vote the winners.

If that happened, a lot of the niche shows from cable would really have to compete.

If that happened 'conventional wisdom' would falter.

Viola Davis is not a bad actress.

But she was not the lead character of HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER.

After the winter finale, Davis' character mattered very little as the focus shifted to the students covering up the murder.

Equally true, Davis played the role we all expected her to play (and played it the way we all expected she would).

Taraji P. Henson, on EMPIRE, created a character completely different than anything she'd done before and one that was explosive and commanded attention.

A stunning performance like that will rarely receive recognition from a 'panel' but will usually win the support of the industry.

It is said this was the lowest rated Emmy broadcast ever.

Stale and predictable doesn't make for edge of the seat excitement.

It's time the Emmys grew the hell up.

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