Monday, September 14, 2015

Idiot of the week: Demetria Lucas D'Oyley

Even before you read her writing, you know THE ROOT's Demetria Lucas D'Oyley is a strange one with the right and left side of her face not matching up.

And maybe it's the ugly girl syndrome that has her ripping into Vanessa Williams?

Demetrios is in a tail spin, her head up her ass and still sniffing, over the fact that the Miss America pageant issued an apology to Vanessa Williams Sunday night.

Demetrios wants you to know -- as she scratches her crotch -- that there's nothing racist about what happened in 1984 when the pageant stripped Vanessa of her crown.

Her proof?

First runner up was African-American too!

Well that proves it!

Even though it was the first time that ever happened.  (Hasn't happened since.)

Even though over 60 years of the competition had not seen one African-American woman win and, in fact, for the first 35 years, they weren't even allowed to compete.

Miss American winners also don't usually face death threats.

But during her reign, Vanessa Williams received death threats non-stop.

Vanessa posed for some nude photographs that were supposed to be art and supposed to be private.

Demetrios apparently stroked her phantom cock with one hand while waving her Church Lady finger on the other.

This was all about race and gender.

Vanessa didn't resign, she was forced to resign.

If a White Miss America had been the victim -- even then -- that Vanessa was, the whole country would (still) know the name of the sleeze bag who sold the private photos.

But as an African-American woman, there was no sympathy for her exposed body because, pay attention Demetrios, US society has never seen the bodies of African-American woman as belonging to those women.

Setting aside Demetrios' refusal to read the racist cues throughout the narrative, there's also her factual errors.

Spot her error:

When I think of Williams, I don’t think “scandal!” I think of her hit single “Saved the Best for Last,” or her acting roles in Soul Food and Ugly Betty. Perhaps that’s a generational thing.

"Saved The Best For Last"?

WTF is that idiot talking about?

Vanessa Williams' number one pop hit is "Save The Best For Last."

Not "Saved."

Does no one check this fool's writing before it gets published?

Clearly not.

Spot the error:

 There was allegedly some question about whether she would apologize to the Miss America Organization for embarrassing the organization or if the organization would instead apologize to Williams for asking her to resign 32 years ago. The organization ultimately apologized.

It's 2015.  32 years ago would be?  1983.

Vanessa was forced to resign July 23, 1984.

So Demetrios is butt ugly, she doesn't know basic song titles and she can't add and subtract.

Vanessa lost the title in 1984.

The pageant leaked news to the press in order to force her to resign.

They leaked rumors as well.

Yes, they owe her an apology.

And giving her that apology was the smartest thing they could do because truth is Vanessa Williams remains the only Miss America that ever really mattered or amounted to anything.

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