Monday, September 28, 2015

Bill Clinton needs to learn to stand in the background

Former US President Bill Clinton was all over the news the last two days as he talked conspiracy theories about the alleged mistreatment of his wife Hillary.

Thing is, he needs to shut his mouth.

He's not a candidate.

He's not the president.

His wife is a candidate.

She is trying to become the president.


Bill needs to smile pretty and stand next to his woman.

That's all he needs to do.

He is not the candidate and he is not the campaign surrogate to go around snarling that the Republican Party and the media are

If he thinks his wife has any real shot at the Democratic Party's presidential nomination, he should be busying himself figuring out what cookie recipe he'll be tossing out when the other candidate's spouses are asked for them.

We get that Bill Clinton is sued to stomping in and taking control of the situation.

That's why he was called the Big Dawg.

But he's now the spouse of a candidate and he needs to learn how to find his way to the background.

Every time he fails to do so, he reminds America that if Hillary's in the White House, we'll have four years of a spouse who can't shut their mouth and has to inject themselves into every story.

That's not the role for the First Lady or First Dude.

If Hillary is elected president, his role will be to dress pretty.

To talk pandas with the spouses of visiting leaders.

America will not go for 'two for one presidents' or 'vote Hillary get Bill too!'

There can be only one president.

Bill needs to be shown the background and let Hillary take the foreground.

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