Sunday, August 09, 2015

Well look what the dogs drug in

At The Daily Beast, you can find an article about how Democrats feel about Hillary Clinton and what stands out to us is this:

“Democrats need a leader that can bring together races and nationalities, especially now and especially to win. That starts at the top of the campaign, and Hillary Clinton will need to demonstrate that level of commitment to set the right tone and strategy going forward” said Aimee Allison, senior VP at PowerPAC+, a group founded by major Democratic donor Steve Phillips to build the “political power of the multiracial majority.”

Oh, you dirty, little whore.

The Clown Face of Evil

Aimee Allison, the whore who endorsed Barack Obama's use of drones was far from her alleged peace roots but lookie-lookie now at alleged Green Party member now safe in the moneyed bordello of the Democratic Party.

Shake that tired ass, Aimee, maybe someone will give you a five dollar bill for a half-and-half.
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